Editor's note: the details on this storm are a little sketchy due to reasons of national security

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Elmo Spotted  in Red River Valley Storm System

Elmo, the former editor and driving force behind the Elmo News Network, was spotted on April 6, racing east on State Road 70 in Oklahoma.  Disguised as Scot Weiland, the former lead singer of the Stone Temple Pilots, Elmo apparently took the photograph above of a wall cloud forming on a tornadic thunderstorm northeast of Vernon, Texas.

Elmo snapped the picture before the image, and indeed the entire storm system, was trademarked and copyrighted by a large group of well-dressed chasers.  

The storm produced no tornadoes, but the lack of sustained rotation and touchdown is now the subject of a legal action against the local conditions by lawyers from New York.   The renegade editor was last seen hiding beneath a copy of "The Roads of Oklahoma."