"God Will Be With Us All"

Moore, Oklahoma Documentary

On May 3, 1999, a devastating series of very powerful tornadoes tore through the heart of Oklahoma and South Kansas, taking 50 souls and leaving a trail of destruction and broken lives in their wake.  I think it is important for storm chasers in particular to pay close attention to these scenes to deepen our appreciation of these powerful storms we observe and their impact on human lives.  With brute force the images impressed upon me again the importance of chasers using all of the technology and expertise at our disposal to help warn people in the path of monsters like the one that tore a hole through the heart of Moore, Oklahoma.

My friend Blair Kooistra and I visited Moore on June 1, almost a full month after the terrible storms and the place was still a horrific scene unlike any I've seen in my life.   Rather than describe what we saw with words, I will let the camera speak.  The title comes from the picture at the bottom, where someone had inscribed this truth on the garage door of a wrecked home.
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