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One of Bath's spectacular garden parks
19 July 2000- "Bath in the Cotswalds radiates like an 18th century dream of sunlight and flowers.  The town is a spectacle: doves and pigeons soaring over church spires and Georgian shops all made of the same proud, tan-brown limestone.  The sky is a dark blue tapering to a baby azure at the horizon." 
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The springs, still at 116 degrees
"In ancient times, the city was known for the hot springs bubbling at 116 degrees just below the surface.  After Queen Mary came to fight infertility in 1687, Bath boomed as a center of culture and society.  90% of the buildings date from the 18th century."
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The springs with ancient Roman statues and columns still in place
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The 500 year old Bath Abbey
"A church has stood on the site of the present day Abbey, itself the 500 year old, last of medieval English churches, since Anglo-Saxon times.   Edgar was crowned here as the first King of England in 937 A.D., and Bath became the religious center of the nation."
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