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Sergeant of Artillery looking for new recruits


22 July 2000: "In all the exhibits and historical plaques, there is a notable lack of royal sentimentality.  In fact, the only evidence that we're still in the British Empire is the Union Jack flying atop the castle.  Scotland's fierce independence still fires the country, and the Scottish flag flies alone over their new Parliament."
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The long and winding climb up Edinburgh Castle



"Edinburgh castle sits at the top of the Royal Mile, a glorious fortress with 600 years of history seen from its battlements and vistas, spectacular views of the city to the north."


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"Two women sat nearby in a High Street coffee shop speaking Gaelic, a lyrical, birdsong dialect that sounds nothing like a romance language.  They switched back and forth between that and English."


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"This is St. Margaret's Chapel, a tiny Norman building which has been standing there intact for more than 900 years. It has survived all the sieges and bombardments to which the fortress on the rock was subjected during that period. On several occasions the castle was razed - but the demolishers invariably spared the chapel of the good St Margaret because of its religious significance. Today, members of the castle garrison still have the right to be married within the Chapel."



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The Royal Mile stretches away from the castle