From:  "Amos Magliocco"
Date:  Thu Jun 14, 2001  10:09 am
Subject:  Tired
Eric Nguyen and I saw two supercells to our north near Concordia, KS which 
looked quite impressive from our location, but were too far north to 
catch.  Both matured near the Nebraska border.  One had a tornado 

Also, a mildly interesting LP went up to our west and we chased it 
for an hour or so, amazed by its persistence despite struggling with 
strong shear, inadequate moisture, late dynamics, etc.  This one was 
a real trooper, and produced a collar cloud for some time.  At 
another point, the updraft seperated from the rest of the storm, then 
the whole thing congealed again.

Ended up way too far north and just got home.