From:  "Amos Magliocco"
Date:  Mon Jun 4, 2001  8:53 am
Subject:  Re: Tornado Warning
Made it home in one piece.  Shane Adams and Matt Sellers got a better 
and earlier view of this storm, but we caught it in Kingman County 
and were just west of the meso when this warning went out.  However, 
it was difficult to see much other than a nice Beaver's Tail, 
prounounced inflow bands, a large, rounded anvil.  Lots of lightning 
for while but we would have rather had earlier initiation obviously.

Interesting chase.  Met Larry Cosgrove who was travelling with a 
lovely young blonde lady, and saw gaggles of chasers spread out along 
highway 160.  Got interviewed by channel 12 from ICT who thought it 
was amazing that we would have known a day in advance to come to 
Kansas.  They know about the models up there, right?  :-)

Scott and Eric may chase tomorrow, but I'm anxious to get back to my 
writing and need to get back to work, so I'm more or less hanging it 
up for the season, barring the convenient weekend chase or whatever.  
I had a very satisfying season with lots of video and stills to sort 
in preparation for the SDS party.  :-)