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Near McCadoo, TX 5:40 PM
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From:  "Amos Magliocco"
Date:  Sat May 26, 2001  10:24 pm
Subject:  McAdoo, Texas LP storm

Jeff Lawson, Chris Collura and I intercepted a supercell near McAdoo, Texas
around 6:30 PM.  This was a strange looking LP storm with strong inflow, zero
precip for a while, and a constantly changing updraft base.  Several collar
clouds formed and made efforts to lower, but the poor dewpoints and lack of
sufficient convergence for moisture pooling left the bases far too high for
anything to happen.  Still it was remarkable to observe this very dry storm
ingest air, trying to tap into the fuel that was just too far to the SE.

Today our moisture and convergence axis were out of sync, leaving us and the
storms caught in between.  There was a tornado warning west of LBB on a storm
near Levelland, where the air was even drier than ours, a shocker to us.
That's chasing.

Spending the night in Aspermont, hoping to give it another shot tomorrow.
Enjoyed chatting with the Cloud Nine folks, David Fogel and friends, Chris
Kidler, and others we don't see 'round these parts very often.

No pics until I get back to Denton, unfortunately.  If we ever get another down
day.  :-)

Amos Magliocco

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