28 MAY 2001

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From:  "Amos Magliocco"
Date:  Tue May 29, 2001  10:39 am
Subject:  Midland, Texas Supercell 28 May 2001

Data problems prevented us from posting a forecast yesterday morning, mainly
because we had to make it up as we went along.  Grabbing maps here and there
over cell phone and relying on nowcasting helped us make the decision to chase
the intersection of the dryline bulge and outflow boundary south of LBB.  It
was a tough choice between this and the Colorado setup, and, in hindsight, I
suppose those on the front range had better luck, but we liked the stronger cap
and more than twice the instability to maximize our chances for isolated
supercells.  We assumed the front range convection would be LP, and we've seen
plenty of nice LP's this week.

Our boundary was very evident on imagery as we approached LBB around 6:00 PM,
showing as a solid line on radar in the county just south of the city.
Nowcasting had told us that a persistent cu field was in this area, but by the
time we arrived, these had dissipated.  What we saw was a large storm
developing near Midland.  Steve Miller informed us that this large storm had
split and was practically stationary, so we drove south to intercept.  The
storm developed a dramatic backsheared anvil with strong knuckling on the
underside and a smooth, taut updraft column wall. 

MAF issued a SVR on the storm, with a state trooper reporting golf ball hail as
we approached, but our presence snuffed out the updraft and the storm dropped
below severe limits before we could core punch it.  In fact, the core
disappeared so fast that we had a hard time discerning exactly where to
intercept it.

We turned around and drove back towards ABI, stopping once to turn around and
film some of the new ceonvection developing far to the west.  We spent the
night here in Aspermont (again) and we're trying to make sense of this
morning's convective mess.

Thanks to Phillip Flory and Steve Miller for nowcasting yesterday.

Amos Magliocco

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