30 MAY 2001

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The image to the right was taken north of Olney around 9:10 PM after the storm wrapped a new meso and wall cloud.  -AM 30May2001_06_910pm.jpg (78962 bytes)


Intercepted a  HP supercell around Witchita Falls after having gotten word of a severe storm in Clay County.  SPS was  my original target in the morning, but having seen the intersection of the outflow boundary and pacific front in addition to a mesolow translating northeast, I moved my target to Ardmore, OK and waited there.

When I dropped south and east to catch the Clay County storm it was nearly stationary, backbuilding along a boundary to the SW.  Storm exhibited good mid-level rotation and maintained strength for quite some time, producing up to golf ball size hail or larger.

Brian Fant photographed a nice, rain-wrapped tornado near Lake Arrowhead west of Scotland, which I missed by about twenty minutes.  Storm regenerated after dark with a new meso over Archer City and I chased it until late since it was moving in the general direction of Denton and home.  --AM

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