Upper level impulses ahead of a deep trough over California ejected over the Southern Plains where a modestly unstable airmass backed up against a dryline roughly along the Texas / New Mexico border. 

I left Denton early in the morning and drove past Midland and Odessa, two of the most industrial places I've seen, with oil drilling equipment and other machinery refuse strewn along the interstate for dozens of miles.  A quick look at surface data around 5:30 PM CST indicated a surface low in Northern Mexico was causing an area of strong convergence near Guadalupe Pass, and an isolated LP storm fired in this area while I sat between Kermit, Texas and Jal, New Mexico.

Interception was a real challenge, racing over arid gravel roads on desert terrain, something I hadn't seen yet during a chase.  I encountered pea to marble size hail with this storm and chased until the complex fired around it as the cool mid-level temps advected into the area and the cap gave way.  Met up with Dave and Gayla Drummond during the chase. 

Ahead of the rain and elevated storms I drove from Andrews back to Big Spring to spend the night.

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