I targetted Abilene, Texas for the intersection of an eastward moving dryline and a warm front ahead of a strong upper level system moving over the Southern Plains.

Over the phone, Eric Nguyen and I commented on the weakened cap, and, as if on cue, towers erupted all around my position in Big Spring, even before I could get underway.  These cells quickly formed into a thin line, a confusing development that almost caused us to lose our way earlier than we ended up doing anyway.

Additional convection fired ahead of this line, and multiple severe storm warnings went up as I weaved my way through some southern roads in and around Abiliene.  My laptop crashed and I chased solo without GPS for the first time in a few years, and I didn't like it.  Haha.  Then my cell phone would not communicate with the local service provider. 

At the same time a severe storm in Taylor County, to the southwest of Abilene, wound up and spun a fearsome wall cloud and funnel as rain quickly wrapped the circulation.  I filmed what I could, repositioning in the strange city with my unfamiliar maps.  This was probably when the Throckmorton supercell dropped a large wedge tornado over an open field.

After moving further east down Interstate 20, I realized the Taylor County storm had gone linear, and leraned over the radio that the SPC had issued a PDS red box (Tornado Watch) for the area to my east and northeast, and that there were rumors of isolated supercells to the north. 

I high-tailed it for Breckinridge, and on State Road 67 south of Graham, I observed another large, rotating wallcloud that I was convinced would drop a tornado in front of me, despite the outflow-ish appearance of the storm.  This was not the last cell of the evening to look non-tornadic yet produce dangerous circulations.

Finally coming out onto State Road 380, I drove east quickly to get ahead of the line, now moving around 40 knots, and chatted  on the radio with my pals up ahead: Brian Fant, Steve Miller, Eric Nguyen, Robert Hall, and Jeff Lawson.  They emerged out ahead of an  impressive shelf cloud attached to a segment of the line which developed supercellular characterstics and spun up a weak circulation right around them.

07_April_2002_01z.jpg (2181 bytes)
Funnel SW of Abilene from first Taylor County severe storm.  3:30 PM CDT
07_April_2002_02z.jpg (2257 bytes)
Same funnel
07_April_2002_03z.jpg (2587 bytes)
A few seconds later
07_April_2002_04z.jpg (2011 bytes)
hail-covered streets in ABI
07_April_2002_05z.jpg (2423 bytes)
HP 20 miles west of Eastland, Texas 4:34 PM CDT
07_April_2002_06z.jpg (2701 bytes)
Rotating scud or wall cloud south of Graham about 5:40 PM
07_April_2002_07z.jpg (2876 bytes)
Funnel or funnel-shaped scud south of Graham about 5:40 PM

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