A modestly successful chase for Robert Hall and I in North Central Texas this afternoon, as we chased the long-lived  tornadic supercell through Comanche, Erath, Hamilton, Bosque, and Hood counties, battling roads and grunge much of the way.  Caught two powerful mesocylcones on tape, but somehow managed to miss the Hico tornado by no more than a few minutes.  Apparently, this supercell had split at some point, and we picked the wrong meso, though we *thought* we were on the more powerful, northern cell.  I'm still very confused about the storm's evolution and progress.  One of those days where it's hard to get your bearings. 

On a more positive note, Steve Miller and Jeff Lawson bagged a tornado SW of Chalk Mountain from State Highway 67, and Brian Fant caught sight of the Hico tornado earlier. 

Long-lived supercells that outsmart you are frustrating, but still a cool way to spend a Saturday afternoon.  

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