23_May_2002_01z.jpg (3389 bytes)
Scott Blair helps the state of Kansas  stall chaser convoy @ 1:16 PM
23_May_2002_02z.jpg (1985 bytes)
Lipscomb, Texas tower in the distance; south of Follet, Texas
5:00 PM
23_May_2002_03z.jpg (1595 bytes)
Lipscomb, Texas tornado 5:56 PM
23_May_2002_04z.jpg (1647 bytes) 23_May_2002_05z.jpg (1736 bytes)
23_May_2002_06z.jpg (1671 bytes) 23_May_2002_07z.jpg (1485 bytes) 23_May_2002_09z.jpg (1289 bytes)
Tornado lasted about four minutes
23_May_2002_08z.jpg (1929 bytes) 23_May_2002_10_827PMz.jpg (2258 bytes)
Southwest of Canadian, Texas at 8:27 PM
23_May_2002_11z.jpg (2114 bytes)
23_May_2002_12z.jpg (1824 bytes)
Storm develops as sun sets
23_May_2002_13z.jpg (1675 bytes) 23_May_2002_14_900PMz.jpg (1230 bytes)
Tornado NE of Borger and 5 miles North of Pampa, Texas at 9:00 PM
23_May_2002_15_900PMz.jpg (1179 bytes) 23_May_2002_16_900PMz.jpg (1323 bytes) 23_May_2002_BorgerTor_Mike_thumb.jpg (4724 bytes)
Same with contrast cranked
From an email I sent out the next day:

"I was hoping for a day off today also, but this is late May--no such
luck I guess. Three more supercells yesterday and two tornadoes.
The storm near Pampa was jaw-dropping with roaring inflow and
smoothly sculpted banding through which the constant c-c lightning
shone. Amazing stuff. Neither tornado would win any prizes, but
they were interesting at least.

Storms consistently fired on the boundary and built back while
slowly creeping E or NE, some right turners moving SE. Like ducks
on the pond, actually. When one storm would weaken, another would
be forming to the SW.

In Pampa this morning because I didn't want to keep driving.
Everyone else is in Elk City, I think, if they made it that far.
Eric and Scott B did a hail punch on the last Pampa supercell last
night and got some baseballs along with more glass damage.
Everyone's a-okay, however, and going back at it again today.

Big thanks to Robert for great nowcasting the last two days. Good
luck to any who go out today. Watch for chase tours/college teams
parked not-quite-off the road."


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