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Carthage, Missouri--I decided to stay here in beautiful, "historic" Carthage, Missouri today. I plan to drive only to breakfast and a grocery store, then  return to my room to post pictures and my chase report from  yesterday, and do some reading. I may even break out some work of  my own and see if I still know how to write. After marathon mileage   (nearly 3000 so far) each day since last Friday, I'm ready for a day  like today, with a setup so marginal and far away that it doesn't makes sense to lose position for the next day.

I may even take a nap.

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I haven't looked at targeting for tomorrow, but I always hear it described in the same general area, so I guess the models are consistent. If it makes meteorological sense, I'd like to stay south of the KC metro area, but who knows what will happen?

Okay, I'm checked in here for another day and I'm headed out to find a *decent* cup of coffee for once on this trip. Chase Season 2003 rocks on.