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Today's chase in Illinois might be best summarized by paraphrasing Bruce Haynie's famous quote: "those who live by the dryslotting will die by the dryslotting." LOL! The same dry southwesterly air that cooled and cleared the midlevels mixed down quickly in the early afternoon and scoured dewpoints in western Illinois from west to east, leaving the boundary layer helpless against the strong shear and producing weak, ragged turkey towers and a few vigorous showers that wisely stayed below the strong winds aloft.

I enjoyed the chase because it was my first since last July. The areas I saw in Illinois, from Bloomington-Normal up to Peru and over to Kankakee were very favorable for chasing, often excellent. I told Steve Miller on the phone that it was "panhandle flat." The bright blue sky made the cu seem like those things I've been dreaming about for eight months. Certainly had hoped for more as it looked like a potential low-top setup with bitter cold midlevels and marginal instability at the surface, but those southwesterly 850s had other things in mind.

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