7:56 PM

Either immediately before or during this image, there is (was) a needle tornado on the ground.  The contrast was horrible and I may have started filming a split-second too late.  Very dissapointing.

About 8:51 PM near Winside
  We observed a tornado north of Norfolk, Nebraska and west of Winside, Nebraska at approximately 8:45 PM CST. This was a narrow, pencil-shaped funnel that spun rapidly and held shape for about five minutes. Unfortunately, neither Jason or I captured this brief tornado on video, as either the contrast was too poor or we began shooting too late.  I'm not really sure why we don't have it since it remains quite clear in my memory, perhaps the narrowest rope tornado I've ever seen.

This tornado emerged from the mesocyclone associated with the northern portion of the complex in Wayne County, a section of the storm that later died as the southern half grew dominant. We chased the storm until very late, hoping for more nocturnal luck like Colorado the day before yesterday with after-dark regeneration, but observed no other touchdowns despiteseveral new cycles.

This was another photogenic mothership supercell, and we followed it east and across the Missouri River even after having booked our rooms in Schuyler, Nebraska.  We thought it would be easy to find rooms in Omaha
later, but we learned a rough lesson in eastern Nebraska lodging on the Friday night when many high schools celebrate graduation. We finally pulled into Schuyler, site of our original booking, about 2:30 AM and rang the buzzer to wake Johnny, the proprietor of Johnny's Motel. Johnny shuffled out in his robe and allowed us to check in minutes before the squall line blew through town and dumped torrential rain on our vehicles.


8:53 PM

10:42 PM about 20 m NE of Norfolk