Another way to get attention is driving around Roswell, New Mexico, the UFO and alien visitation capital of the world, with strangely festooned SUVs and vans sporting antenna farms and weather stations while tourists compare ET-look alike bobble head dolls and lamposts with black oval eyes. Where's Mulder and Sculley when you're playing upslope on the front range?

We saw some stong storms west of Roswell, New Mexico yesterday, one of which produced a consistent rotating wallcloud that surprised the hell out of us given the weak parameters. Then we saw a sunset that blew our minds, with a mountain and red mammatus all in the amazing view. I took nearly thirty exposures and can't wait to process a few. A top three sunset of my life. Made the day. Took dinner at a great place called Farley's, where they served giant portions, weak drinks, and seated us at a big round table that the caravan's mafia-movie fans loved (this one included).