northeast of Atoka, OK looking north @ ~0050z (clck to enlarge)

When my class finished, I saw that the dryline was west of I-35 with bubbling cu strung along the boundary like Christmas lights. "Pretty," I said. I was on the road by 1845z and made Ada by 21z and went as far as Calvin on the Canadian River before my cu field dissipated and I believed the day was done. I turned south on Highway 75 when the small area of congestus I'd monitored for hours finally erupted into a large storm near Allen, thirty miles behind me and the place I had just left. I was sick about this and stopped north of Coalgate to ponder how I could be nearing my tenth year chasing and still be so predictably, unbearably stupid.

At the same time, another cell fired north of Tishomingo and I was redeemed. I waited northeast of Atoka on 69 while the storm backbuilt to the southwest and finally emerged over a ridge to my west. The updraft base was elevated but showed some weak, broad rotation. The storm grew more intense and a disorganized wall cloud held together for ten minutes or so. I let the storm pass to my northwest and then north when I observed the elevated funnel and rainbow pictured above. I chased this storm up 69 and over to the Indian Nation Turnpike, then north to Blanco where I let it go.