Eric Nguyen Gathering
September 22, 2007
National Weather Center / Coach's in Norman, Oklahoma

(photos courtesy of Karen Leszke, Jill Blair, and KT Burtis)

Eric's friends and family gathered on the campus of Oklahoma University on September 22, 2007 to
celebrate Eric's life and his remarkable achievements in meteorology and storm chasing.  OU generously
donated the meeting area of the National Weather Center to honor one of their own.  (Eric earned a Bachelors
of Science in Atmospheric Physics in 2005.)

Dr. Kevin Kloesel, Assistant Dean of the College of Atmospheric and Geographic Sciences, delivered
opening remarks followed by Dr. Charles A. Doswell III, who spoke about the importance of using opportunities
to know other people.  The group ate barbeque and watched video and photography compilations featuring
Eric's work as well as lighter moments from his college days and his ten years of storm observing.

Eric's friends have established the Eric Nguyen Memorial Endowed Scholarship, an annual grant to a
deserving student in Atmospheric Physics.  Gifts can be made to the scholarship fund in Eric's name
indefinitely and will help to maintain or increase the value of the grant.  Please consider a donation.

We'd like to thank everyone who attended the gathering.  Eric's family and friends have been deeply moved
by the expressions of admiration and respect from so many people. 

After the gathering, a large group shifted to Coach's in Norman where the blue drinks flowed and friends traded
stories of supercells and the open plains.  Eric was with us, no doubt.

Dr. Charles A. Doswell III delivered opening remarks at the Gathering for Eric Nguyen held at the National Weather Center in Norman, Oklahoma on September 22, 2007

some quotes from Eric played on the Science on a Sphere globe display, thanks to Mike Masgig

Scott Blair and Jillian Rodriguez Blair

Amos Magliocco

Scott and Jill

KT Burtis and Derek Deroche

Dr. Kevin Kloesel, Assistant Dean, College of Atmospheric and Geographic Science

Dr. Doswell

Jason Politte

Derek Deroche

KT Burtis

Karen Leszke

Bob Fritchie, Eric's brother in law Mark, Rachael Sigler, Eric's sister Nonie

Eric's dad Stan Isbell on the second floor of the NWC

Dr. Doswell and Mike Masgig

Mark Vanderburg, Stan Isbell, Scott Blair

Bob Fritchie, Mark Vanderburg, Stan Isbell, Scott Blair

Scott Blair and Stan Isbell

Eric's family

Eric's sons, Sean and Christopher, on either side of a family friend

(left to right): Paul Stofer, Amos Magliocco, Dr. Doswell, Scott Blair

Eric's parents meet Dr. Doswell

Scott Blair and Bob Fritchie

KT Burtis and Derek Deroche

Jill Blair


cometh the blue drinks

the post gathering get-together at Coach's in Norman

to Eric

Bob Fritchie and Steve Vanderburg

Leslie, Paul Stofer, Mike Meuzel, Dave Fick

Steve Vanderburg, Amos Magliocco, Mark Vanderburg

Karen Leszke, Jason Politte

this one's for you, Eric