May 8, 2007 near Breckinridge, Texas 0030z

updraft base south of Newcastle, Texas ~2330z

I was forty minutes too late out of Denton to catch the Throckmorton storm and turned for the newer isolated cell to the southwest. The southern storm's radar presentation was similar to Throckmorton in its early stages, and I hoped it could cross the outflow boundary with similar results. I also calculated the southern cell had a few more minutes before the squall line swallowed it.

I intercepted the storm in southeast Throckmorton County about 5NE of Woodson and found a tall and narrow updraft with rapid motion at the base. I would describe the storm as an LP-classic hybrid, with an LP style updraft, but a wider and more dense precip core than I'm accustomed to seeing on LPs. Several disorganized collar clouds and wall clouds formed and dissipated immediately prior to the gust front's arrival. When the squall line accelerated, the isolated storm morphed into a rotating inflection in the line.

I stayed ahead of the high, multi-tiered shelf as it surged east on 380, following me home. This is always fun, looking for cool objects for the foreground of a fine shelf shot.

All imagery 2007 Amos Magliocco