near Jermyn, Texas, in western Jack County ~2203z

My first target was Olney, scene of a tactical misadventure of mine back in April, 2000. I wanted to stay south to escape the full influence of the lead wave, hoping surface winds would back more readily, and, by the linear tendencies of the earliest convection near the river, I suspected tail-end Charlie might emerge in that area. Convection seemed to develop repeatedly from this area of agitated cu.

It did, but not before I detoured north to the "second" supercell from Olney up to Scotland and Bluegrove. The storm maintained a wide, impressive wall cloud for some time, but, as Tim mentioned, the light was bad, and my positioning was worse. Once, early in my pursuit, around 2030z, I glimpsed a high, brief funnel from the base. Most of the time the storm was either obscured or I was behind. Spotters reported giant hail. The storm became outflow dominant. Scott Eubanks was caravaning with me by this time and, when we reached State Highway 82, we turned back to the southwest for the new storm.

The "third" storm showed an impressive reflectivity presentation while I was racing toward it. It turned due east and showed some modest rotation. But upon our arrival, it shrunk, assumed a quasi-LP appearance with the wall cloud pictured above. Robert Hall joined the group as we followed the weakening storm back east.

Enjoyed a great dinner with Robert, Scott, and Glenn Dixon at Mr. Chopsticks here in Denton.