Here's what I wrote on the blog about April 9:

"I did not see a tornado yesterday. A lot of people did, some more than one. I saw wrapping rain curtains, a narrow funnel descending from a wall cloud (but with the lower half blocked by trees), dust kicked up at the ground, and scary tendrils on the edge of gust front curtains, but no tornadoes. My problem was a combination of bad roads, rough terrain, poor or tardy decision-making, and rotten luck. But a few decisions were good.

On the bad side, I sat around like a chump thinking how outflowy the storm looked before I got my ass back in gear. In the positive column, I was about to go north into the meso when I saw Shane and Mickey turn around and take another route to flank it. I decided that theirs was the wiser choice. There are risks I'm simply no longer willing to take. So part of what I saw, or failed to see, stemmed from my own choices. I'm okay with that."