Tornado Intercept Vehicle (TIV) streaks east on SR 87 west of Eden, Texas, May 14, 2008


On Wednesday May 14, Scott Blair, Scott Eubanks, and I chased the San Angelo storms from immediately west of San Angelo, where the storm produced a relatively long lived appendage (rotation hard to discern), all the way to Brady, Texas, by which time the storm had merged with a second storm to its southeast and evolved into a dangerous supercell with damaging straight line winds.

Five miles southeast of Eden we observed sustained vigorous rotation in a large lowering. It was a bit too close so we scurried south and east to flank it. Because of the road network and poor conditions, we remained in the southern periphery of the hook and never had another good view into the notch. We experienced very strong RFD for as long as ten minutes, with several gusts exceeding severe criteria.

Rotation was clearly visible at cloud base when this shot was taken east southeast of Eden, Texas.  A tornado was reported about twenty minutes later, but we failed to see it due to our positioning and visibility