8:22 PM 10m west of Guthrie looking southwest


It was clear the initial convection from southeast NM was struggling to organize, splitting even before there was hardly anything to split. When a short line of stout convection fired to the east, I backtracked from Brownfield to Tahoka along with JR Henley and Ken McCallister. I'd earlier run into Jon Merage from Denver also.

South of Crosbyton we observed an isolated storm with some vaguely organized structure, and a broadly rotating wall cloud about six miles west of the White River Reservoir. At one point this was a large, symmetrical block which we should have photographed when we had the chance, but the storm also collapsed easily and yet another storm fired to our east-southeast.

From ten miles west of Guthrie, weak rotation and recognizable structure combined with modest lightning opportunities. The storm never threatened a tornado.

Our storms appeared CAPE-starved and suffered from weak low level wind fields. It's possible the strong outflow boundary from overnight convection made it impossible for the areas east of initiation to recover fully.

7:14PM from six miles west of White River Reservoir (12m sse of Crosbyton)