In 1998, Jeff Gammons and I chased the plains for ten days in May and June under one of the most famous death ridges in the last decade.  Lucky for us, we were accompanied  by an old high school friend of mine, Clinton Norwood, a professional photographer who documented, in lieu of compelling storms, the faces of frustration and wonder worn by young chasers in a hopeless situation. We were joined by Steve Miller, Eric Nguyen, Scott Blair and others.  The next year, we took Clint to his first tornado (mine too) on May 20 at Lake McClellan, Texas, to round out his project.  My thanks as always to him and all the chasers who struggled through that long unforgiving season with us.  A diary-style account of that trip can be found in my chase reports, but Clint's pictures deserve a place away from all the words.


All Images Copyright 1998 Clinton Norwood