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About Me: 
  • My name is Eric Nguyen
  • I've been chasing since 1994
  • 21 years old
  • Married to Nina Nguyen
  • Born in New Port Beach, California
  • Raised and still live in Keller, Texas (north of Fort Worth)
  • Majoring in meteorology
  • I will be moving to Norman, Oklahoma August 14, 1999
  • I have two boys   
            Chris Nguyen    born September 1998
            Sean Nguyen    born October 1996

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The question people always ask me is "why do you like weather so much," well I’m not sure. Ever since I was in the second grade I wanted to be a Meteorologist, just like Harold Taft, the chief meteorologist of the channel 5 weather team. I moved here from California when I was several months old to a new house development in the middle of nowhere. Whenever there was severe weather forecasted, we knew there was danger. Every time there were storms the power would go out. Also, several times a year, throughout the scream of the tornado sirens, my sister and I had to sleep all night in the bathtub. That is what probably got me a little curious about weather.

Then we moved to Keller, Texas. That was a little more out in the country. The first time I saw anything close to a tornado was when I was very young. I played soccer, my dad, sister, and I always volunteered to clean up the soccer fields after everyone left. This one time, a storm was brewing and we tried to hurry, then I looked up and saw a rather large funnel cloud forming directly above us. My dad saw it and said let’s go! So we left everything and went home. When I got home, I open the encyclopedia labeled "T" for tornadoes and began to get really curious about them. That’s when I really started to get involved in weather. By the way, that tornado was weak but went on to damage several homes and destroyed a supermarket.

When I was a little older I always taped specials on severe weather and local severe weather that did damage in and around the Ft. Worth and Dallas area. I was different than other kids, I could watch The Weather Channel for hours. I got my first camera when I was in the third grade and took a lot of pictures of severe weather and tape-recorded the sounds they made. Every time I had to write a research paper, it was on severe weather. I then got my first camcorder when I was in the eighth grade and I video taped my first supercell in the ninth grade (1992), and it was the most magnificent storm structure I have ever seen as we caught the back side of the supercell, unfortunately I still can’t find that tape. I also taped the most beautiful mammatus clouds forming during sunset.

When I got my car in the tenth grade, I went on my first storm chase. Most were not very successful because I didn’t know how to chase. After I graduated, I went to a junior college and was planning on majoring in meteorology. That’s when I visited the National Weather Service Forecast Office in Ft. Worth. They told me about the huge amounts of weather information on the Internet. So I bought a computer and started to explore the web. It took about five months, and I learned a lot. I read every paper or article in the SPC, NSSL, Storm Track, Weather Net, and other homepages.

By then it was fall and I went back to the NWS to do research on severe weather, drylines and other boundaries; cold and warm fronts, and El~Nino’s. I purchased text books, weather map books and really got interested in forecasting as well as severe weather chasing. It is amazing to me how everything comes together at the right place at the right time and little hard to find details such as a gravity wave's are so important in forecasting dangerous severe weather threats. I also began to purchase some things to aid in the chase or collect data for my chase vehicle a 96’ Honda Accord which is on my logo. It has a VORTEX style weather station, several antennas for radios, camcorder, a camcorder mount in the passenger side, a laptop, a DSS satellite dish, a descrambler, a 9inch TV for viewing current radar data, and most important of all my CD changer for bust days and believe me, there are a lot of those. If you have a chance, sign my guest book and tell me your biography. Currently, I'm getting ready to move to Norman Oklahoma in August of 1999, to attend Oklahoma University, and I'll be majoring in meteorology. I am POSITIVE that I'll receive my PhD in Meteorology because I want to have the flexibility of choosing any field I want. Also, I am studying to get my ham radio's license to aid in the communication with my fellow chase partners.

My other hobbies include building weather stations.  I love making my weather stations for my chase vehicle.  I finished my newest model for the 1999 season.  A picture will be available soon!  More can be viewed on my projects page.  It gets me through the winter.

Well, I'm never bored with so many hobbies.   Another growing interest of mine (almost a hobby) is photography.  I purchase a decent camera for my freshman year of high school for photojournalism class.  Its a Minolta 5000i.  I just got another for Christmas with a lot more manual capabilities (Canon A2E with a Tameron 28-200 lens).  I love taking photo's of nature and especially weather.  Many people chase ONLY severe weather.  I try to go out every time any some isolated towering thunderstorms are expected regardless of their severe capabilities.  Getting a beautiful picture of a non-severe thunderstorm defiantly out-weights the picture of a supercell shrouded in deep low and mid-level moisture.

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Picture above was taken east of Lubbock, Texas just off the Cap Rock.
Picture taken by Dave Fick.
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