Matt Dennis, webmaster of the "Kansas Tornado Chaser Homepage" has been a great contributor to this site and he continually helps me on various problems or fantastic ideas. He created my logo, which is located on my front page, and also created several of my titles on various pages. Thanks Matt!

Rick, the editor at DFW's America Online has done a great deal of help by advertising my homepage on the front of AOL's main page. Which resulted in a 600% increase in monthly activity. I had some problems with the amount of space for my page and he helped a great deal with that. Thanks again Rick!

Kerry Nguyen, my brother-in-law (my wife's brother), helped me a great deal by getting this page started from scratch, this homepage wouldn't exist if it weren't for him. He also scanned some of my pictures for me until I finally got my own scanner. Thanks Kerry!


National Weather Service in Ft. Worth helped me out so much by allowing me to visit the office anytime I wanted so that I could perform some personal research on severe weather and forecasting from their library. Skip was a great help in finding subjects that would help in my research. I learned a great deal from all of them and I owe them a great deal of gratitude. They are the number one reason I chase more successfully today! Thanks National Weather Service in Ft. Worth!!!!!

Tom Grazulis, owner of the "Tornado Project" helped me out a lot by providing excellent books and the best videos for those times I'm bored with no storms. I bought just about everything he sold, all three "Tornado Video Classics," Significant Tornadoes Book, and several other great books. He is by far the best producer and contributor to the weather world of science. Thanks Mr. and Mrs. Grazulis!!!!

Davis Instruments is a meteorology instrument company and their great courtesy helped me so much when my anemometer needed fixing due to a hail shaft near Vernon, TX. I purchased the Weather Monitor II for $500 yet the same features are sold at a price of $300 at Radio Shack. But I chose Davis Instruments for $500 cause they are so much better, trust me!!!! Thanks Davis Instruments!!!!!

Steve Miller was a tremendous help making me a much better chaser.  I learned more from him than any other source.  I owe a great deal of gratitude to him, thanks Steve!!!!!

I also want to thank my fellow chasers Blair Kooistra, Steve Miller, Glenn Dixon, and Dave Fick.


Dennis Nealson was the best help I got!  I was given a detailed explanation of all the components on the VORTEX probes, and I was able to take many pictures as well.  He helped a lot on sizes of certain parts too!  Thank you Dennis!!!!

The Other Nice Lady at NSSL was a great help as well, she explained every feature on the NSSL vans and plugged it in to view the inside.   She was a great help in making the second weather station for my car.  I can not thank her enough!!!!!

Special Metals was a great help in my never ending quest for aluminum tubing.  With their help I finally got what I needed through a recommendation to "Metal Supermarket."

Home Depot was such a great help and will continue to be for helping me find the parts that I needed and share new ideas for my weather station. I'm making one right now, VORTEX style, with the help of Home Depot. I use to work there so all of my old working buddies help me out tremendously. Thank You So Much Home Depot #540!!!!! (Located on Loop 820 in Ft. Worth)

LOWE'S was a great help as well. I could not find a home improvement store that sold aluminum pipe, and I wanted to avoid dealing with a special company.   I found that LOWE'S carries tons of aluminum goods.  Thanks LOWE'S!!!!

Metal Supermarket had the size and thickness I was looking for, so they saved me $45 bucks!!!!!  They carry an array of metal products for the consumer like me.

Last Updated 3-1-99

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