Eric Nguyen's Chase Disclaimer

Disclaimer for Convective Season's of Fall 1999 and Spring 2000!


I am in no way responsible for any actions done by others. Any harm done to anyone is an act of God and not I. Chasing can be dangerous if one does not do it safely. If a person decides to chase I always recommend that the knowledge be obtained first and have a trained chaser with them on their first couple of years. My rules are my own and I am in no way responsible for a person's injury!  Any information on my page is my opinion only!
All rights reserved, all material on "" is property of Eric Nguyen. Any reproduction will not be tolerated, and will be punished to the full extent of the law. This includes all pictures, logos, and clipart.  Incase some of you kids do not understand the above statement, you may not put my pictures or clipart on your homepage or any other document.  If you do not abide by the following rules, you will be breaking a Federal Law!
I have made a FAQ list for any *important* questions people have asked about me, my chase vehicle, and chasing in general. Some of these answered questions are not intended to offend anyone, and I hope it does not deter you from contacting me about chasing. Please E-mail me if these do not answer your question fully or if you have a new question.



FAQ / Statements

1.  "Can I go chasing with you sometime?"     Recently I have been getting quite a bit of E-mail for persons looking for chase partners. I am truly sorry but I am pretty much booked as far as partners go for the next season. I have an obligation to my chase partners as they do me. I wish I could take everyone out but I can't and sometimes I don't know if I'm going to chase till the last minute. If you want to chase with me and I do not know you, chances are I won't. Chase partners requires a pair with the same views and aspects on chasing and safety. I need to really know the person if I am going to chase with them. Also, over 50% of chases are accompanied with failure and many without a cloud in the sky. I would hate to take someone out that's was expecting something spectacular. Now that I'm at OU, my chasing time is very limited to only the months of May & June. If I happen to run into you while chasing, then I would be more than happy for you to tag along *if* I do not already have someone tagging along with me.  I do not like chasing in teams at all due to several reasons stated below.  Also it would be a great help to have a CB for two-way communication. I am in no way reliable for damage to your vehicle from falling debris, hail, lightning, or any other nature born event. It is your choice to back down if things are dangerous.

2.   "Are you a professional storm chaser?"     Storm chasing is a hobby of mine; I do not do it for a living. I am in no way associated with the government.   Besides, there is no such thing as a professional storm chaser.

3.   "How can I get a storm chasing job?"     There is no such thing as a "Storm Chaser" job at any government agencies. The VORTEX field studies are associated with the NSSL and are not jobs nor do they get paid to just chase storms.  If you want to be a professional storm chaser, your out of luck, no such thing.  If you think Warren Faidly is the only Professional storm chaser, then grow up!

4.   ~Statment regarding a few individuals that chase very dangerously~     I despise chasers who chase dangerously. If you are one or want to be one, you better go to my Chasers Educational Page and read the rules I have set up. You may also need to read Doswell's and Moller's chaser safety tips and ethics essays.  Recently I have had the pleasure to watch the media coverage on May 3, 1999.  It took my breath away!  This guy thought it was so cool to nearly get hit as debris is hitting his vehicle and breaking his window.  He's not the only one, there were many more that day. I won't name these individuals, but these guy's are different, they chase and see dollar signs, not storms.  Too bad, from what I've heard, he lost the respect of some others.  If you desire to get as close as you can for the best $$FOOTAGE$$, then I'll see you on the statistics list!

5.   ~Statment regarding building weather stations~     I have been asked to help make a weather station like a few of my models. I can give you full detailed pictures of the new one only and some directions which is more than enough to help you. I cannot make it for you, you must do this yourself. I spent a lot of time figuring things out, you should do the same. If you do have a question regarding a weather station, by all means, ask. I would be more than happy to answer your questions, but please after I've helped you more than enough don't email me and ask a simple question about a PVC fitting or have me repeat myself over and over.

6.   "Can we chase as a team / will you join our chase team?"     I do not prefer chasing in teams.  Teams being more than one vehicle.  I would prefer to chase ALONE!  Why?  Due to the following:  My opinion with the current situation would clash with theirs and we would miss storms as I did on Oct 2, 1998 outbreak and May 31,1999 Meade KS Wedge Tornado.  Sometimes I don't mind chasing in a single vehicle team or possibly in two vehicles.  I won't think twice about leaving a group to pull over and take a picture of some beautiful storm structure.  Others may think "gosh, were wasting time, we need to catch up to the storm, tornado, etc."  THIS IS CLEARLY WHY I'D RATHER CHASE ALONE.  Also, see # 1 above.

7.   "Will storm chasing ever be regulated if some gets seriously hurt?"      I personally do not think chasing will ever be regulated, other wise, we would regulate just about everything else.  Period

8.   "Will you link to my page, I am the chief meteorologist at my weather center"      I personally do not think these so called "Weather Centers" exist.  Many kids have been manipulating people in to thinking that their so called "Weather Center" is an elite group of meteorologist that issue daily forecast when in fact its either The Weather Channels or National Weather Service's forecast.  I've ran into many that claim to be meteorologist but as I asked them what a dryline is, for example, they run and flee claiming they cannot issue that kind of classified information.  I think this makes the "real" meteorologists look bad when a person takes these kids seriously.  The point I'm getting at is I Do Not endorse such a scandal and please do not ask me to link to that kind of site or I will refer you to this answer.   I am aware of TV stations that use the word "center" and it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out a kid from a TV Station.  Good example of a 10 year old kid claiming such info is

9.   "What is a storm chaser?"      I think new chasers need to realize what chasing really is.  It is a person who tries to witness the rare events of mother nature.  Each chaser must have the desire to learn from their own observations and they must want to study the atmosphere and its processes.  If you are out there to get the best footage no matter what the cost, then your not going to do very well.  Of course if you live in Oklahoma City, you can just turn on a TV and head for it.  Some have done this and nearly died on May 3rd.  If this is your idea of a chase, then your nothing more than an "adrenaline junky" a.k.a "Yahoo". Also, I have read a few individuals saying "I'm a new chaser and I found out that the other chasers don't want to help me become one, I can't do it alone."  Well, this guy is definitely not my definition of a chaser, sounds like he needs a diaper change!  I am new to chasing, I've only been at it since 1994, I will continue to learn and try my hand at forecasting!  I started out just like anyone else, forced to do it all *myself*, as in *self* taught!  If you can't do it *yourself* then don't do it at all!

10.   ~Statment regarding a few individuals using digital enhancement to alter photos~     Every picture you see on my homepages are my own.  All of them were taken by me, and none of them have been "digitally altered."  Regretfully, a few chasers out there love to alter their pictures digitally to enhance sales.  I despise individuals that make "fake" photos for sale!  I do not endorse this, therefor I do not link to those very few individuals that do.  If a chaser needs to digitally enhance his/her photos for any reason, its because they see dollar signs instead of a great picture.

11.   "Do you sell your video to the media?"      I do not for now, for a few reasons.  1) The media uses the video very poorly with alterations to make it appear worse than it really is.  TLC is especially bad at this, adding fake thunder, fake screaming, heavy metal music, with a non-stop action packed F5 -fest attitude.    2)Video pirating is very common these days so I will only sell video to trust worthy people such as Thomas Grazulis.  I will eventually sell to the folks that do video's for TLC way in the future when I have time to mess with them.

12.   ~Statment regarding individuals that think an overpass is safe shelter from a tornado~     Overpasses have now been deemed unsafe from tornadoes.  It seems many like to stop and take shelter under overpasses in hopes that they may be safe.  This is not the case, they are very dangerous places to be as is anywhere else in the path of a tornado.  If you are stupid enough to be caught out there unprepared, then perhaps you should find the next exit and take shelter at a sturdy structure.  I've seen pictures of debris jammed under overpasses.  Not only are you giving others bad ideas, but you are blocking the highway from smarter people trying to find a way off the highway to take shelter at a more sturdy structure.  Also if you are already in a safe structure such as a house, then STAY IN YOUR SAFE STRUCTURE!  If you know your house is safe, stay there, even if you hear its a mile wide.  Your chances are extremely greater if you stay there.

13.   ~Statment regarding mobile homes during tornadic events~      There is no easy answer to the question of where to go during a tornado warning if your stuck in a mobile home.  I have heard meteorologist say to "abandon mobile homes."  Well, where do they go?   I have not seen one mobile home park with a community shelter except in Kansas.   Do they go to a local school, mall, etc.  What if these places are closed?   Should we force everyone to buy shelters?  If I lived in a mobile home, I might hop in my car and go someplace safe, but if I do that I'm now in a more dangerous shelter than before, my car!  So the biggest question to those that live in mobile homes is "where do they go?"   Well, if you can, go visit a friend or relatives house away from the outbreak.  If you can read this, you have access to the Storm Prediction Center's Severe Weather Outlook.

14.   Where is tornado alley?     There are no official borders since this term was used to describe the areas that were heavily attacked by supercells and tornadoes.  I finally found a Tornado Alley Map online that has the description of tornado alley perfectly!   First off, tornado alley is east of the  Rockies and west of the tree's of the eastern plains.  This is the area that is affected the most by supercells and tornadoes.  This area is mostly treeless and flat.  Why isn't Iowa, Missouri, and those eastern areas included?  Simple, their not as supercell prone as tornado alley.  There has been talk about redefining the borders of tornado alley since tornadoes happen in Ohio and every other state in the union.  First off, there are no defined borders, if you want, you can pretend to redefine the borders of the United States as well.  If you want to make tornado alley borders to "only" those that have the most tornadoes, then you can draw a bulls-eye on W OK/OK Pan/TX Pan and maybe SW KS.  I think to some its suppose to be "cool" to live in tornado alley, if this is you then your needing to grow up a little more.


If looking for a chase partner and are having little luck, then I recommend you check out StormTrack's Who's Who in Storm Chasing and see if there are any chasers in your area.


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