Cyclone Road


Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Mike and Eric's book, ADVENTURES IN TORNADO ALLEY: THE STORM CHASERS was featured in a story in The Daily Mail overnight, which Drudge Report linked later in the morning. Great, invaluable exposure for the book.

Other news, I chased in southwestern and south central Oklahoma both Sunday and Monday. Found an impressive, wedding-cake updraft near Granite, Oklahoma on Sunday, then some powerful storms later that night. I'll post pictures late tonight. It was a blast chasing with Scott Blair, Scott Currens, Bob Fritchie, and Al Pietrycha.

Monday yielded little in the way of photogenic storms; I did not venture east of I-35. I tried to catch anything west of the highway in chaseable terrain, but it never happened. Finished the day in Denton with Bob, eating well at Giuseppe's.

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