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Storm Chasing
The Most Amazing View: A Diary Page 11

by Amos Magliocco   Copyright 1998 Amos Magliocco All Rights Reserved


Is that rotation or are you just happy to see me?
The author searches for hope.
Copyright 1998 Clinton Norwood All Rights Reserved

We drove aimlessly for dozens of miles into the evening, as if the movement of the vehicles could conjure vorticity. It was over and I knew it.

"How far are we from I-10?" I asked.

Interstate 10  through Houston and Louisiana was the way home, I knew. Jeff knew this too, and out of the corner of my eye I saw him turn toward me. He knew what I was thinking.

"Mother Nature wins again" --Gene Rhoden
The chase draws to a close.
Copyright 1998 Clinton Norwood All Rights Reserved


Near a farm outside Goliad, Texas, we stopped and said our good-byes. Steve and Clint would ride back to Dallas with Eric. There was no reason for Jeff and I to make the eight hour drive just to turn south again for Florida. Leaving from this point would save an entire day, and meant I would have a day between arriving home and going back to work.  5100 miles on the back and legs and that was nice thought.  We talked for an hour, took pictures of the group and parted with much hesitation.

"I’m sorry we didn’t show you a Texas twister," Steve said to Jeff.  It was okay, Jeff said, we had a blast.

After the parting handshakes, we headed east. Driving towards Houston, we caught up with some mammoth thunderstorms and trailed them almost all the way into town. In the darkness, the mountainous thunderheads showed themselves only in flashes of brilliant white lighting. It was a great show for our departure. We drove slowly to stay behind them. We kept our eyes on the base of the storms.

Just in case.


Cyclone Road